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Gas Struts

Gas struts are used in a large variety of applications and can cause headaches (literally) when they fail.

Thankfully here at KR Industrial we have a full range of gas struts including Black Powder coated struts, 316SS Struts and Rigid locking struts in a variety of lengths and custom pressures.

Strut Brackets and Fittings

Along with a full range of gas struts KR Industrial also stocks and supplies a large range of specialty brackets and fittings to make fitting gas struts to any application easy.

There are plastic, black powder coated and 316SS brackets and end fittings available.

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Industrial Hardware

KR Industrial stock and supply a huge range of industrial hardware products including locks, hinges, brackets, pinchweld rubber, Australian made watertank's and much more!

If there is an industrial hardware product you are trying to replace that you don't see on our website please email one of our friendly staff and they will be able to help you source the product promptly through KR Industrial's large supplier network.

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Pinchweld's are used in many application where a weatherproof seal needs to be achieved. This can be used for Toolboxes, Camper Trailers, Switchboard, Cabinets and much more!

There are also edge trims available that add a safety trim to sharp edges.

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Foam Tape

Foam Tape can be used in many applications where a weatherproof seal needs to be achieved and can also be used together with Pinchweld products.

KR Industrial can supply PVC Foam, P.E Foam, Nitrile, Neoprene and Polyurethane foam tape.